The aim of this site is to display, as an online resource, covers relating to The Corps of Royal Engineers.

  "Covers" is used to encompass first day covers, first day issues, commemorative and souvenir covers.


❏   My hobby hobby is collecting covers relating to the Corps. I am not a dealer. My personal goal is to collect

     at least one of every cover issued and then make the information available to fellow enthusiasts through this web-site. 



❏   Have you a Royal Engineer related cover not shown on this

     web-site? Would you please consider sending me the details

     by email with a clear scan of the cover attached.



❏   Contributors to this web-site are acknowledged here.




❏   Royal Engineers Cover collectors can be very passionate

     about their collections. I have a dream to save some of these

     collections and to show them to all who are interested.


     For more information: 





❏    I would like this web-site to be a pleasant experience for you. Please email me if you find something not working on this site

      or if you have suggestions that could improve its presentation.



The Royal Engineers First day Covers website is currently being updated. If you would like a preview of the new website then please follow this link.



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