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1 March 1979

60. Jahrestag des Ersten Planmassigen Britichen Internationalen Luftpostdienstes Koln-Folkestone
Commemorative Cover
The RE badge represents the fact that the RE were responsible for Forces Mail.
Stamps: 50pf German commemorative, Regensburg, issued 22 May 1972.
Special Handstand Stamp: Groddbritanniens Erster KOLN 51 Internationalen Luftpostdienstes Briefmarken Ausstellun Zum 60 Jahrestag 5000, image of plane in centre.
Cover Reference No: RAF FF1-B.
Text: The text in the title box is green. The text on the right of the cover is printed in German and is coloured black.

Silhouette of helicopter printed in the Title box. CDS "R.A.F. Post Office Biggin Hill, 22 SEP 1979" stamped next to the SHS.