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24 June 1980

100th Anniversary of the First Use by the British Army of Man-Carrying Balloons on Military Manoeuvres
Commemorative Cover
Balloon flight at this time was the responsibility of the RE Balloon sections.
Stamps: 13ᵖ "Moorhen" commemorative, issued 16 January 1980.
Special Hand Stamp: 100th Anniversary of Military Use of Balloons, BFPS 1710, image of a hot air balloon in the centre.
Cover Reference No: RAF FF17.
Green Text: The text on the right hand side of the cover is in green.
Signed by Engineer in Chief (Army) on the front and cover project officer on the back.

Note: This cover was carried on the Maiden flight Cameron 35 Hot Air Balloon "Mr Peanut" G-PNUT.

Afterwards this cover was re-flown on a Hot Air Balloon at Hankley Common, The site of the original use by the Army of "Man Carrying Balloons", on the 24th June 1980 in Cameron N77 Hot Air Balloon G-ZUMP. See: https://www.g-dash.co.uk/g-p/ and https://www.g-dash.co.uk/g-z/