R.E. Related Covers - Royal Engineers First Day Covers
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1 March 1979

60. Jahrestag des Ersten Planmassigen Britichen Internationalen Luftpostdienstes Koln-Folkestone
Commemorative Cover
The RE badge represents the fact that the RE were responsible for Forces Mail.
Stamps: 70pf German commemorative, Parliament - Bonn, issued 17 August 1978.
Special Handstand Stamp: Groddbritanniens Erster KOLN 51 Internationalen Luftpostdienstes Briefmarken Ausstellun Zum 60 Jahrestag 5000, image of plane in centre.
Cover Reference No: RAF FF1-B.
Text: The text in the title box is green. The text on the right of the cover is printed in German and is coloured green.