First Day Cover collectors can be very passionate about their collections. Some spend whole life times pursuing their hobby and passion. Sometimes nobody else gets to see these collections. They can remain in their storage albums for years unseen. Some times the owners decides to sell or perhaps dies and the albums are passed on to their family, who are quite often either not interested in the hobby or just don't know what to do with them. So the albums are sold on and more often or not the collection is broken up and sold on by the dealers who have bought them. All the passion and energy that the original collector put into the collections disappears forever.

I have a dream to save some of these collections and to show them to all who are interested. These collections are put online for everyone to see and enjoy whether it be the previous owner or their relatives or just simply anybody interested seeing the collection. Each collection will have a brief write up on the collector so in some ways this can be a nice way of remembering someone. 

The latest collection to arrive is "The Larner" collection. A great collection with great history shown on the covers. Each Image shown below represents a collection of First Day Covers. Click on the image to view the collection

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