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1 March 1969

50th Anniversary of First UK Regular Air Mail Service
Flight from Folkestone - Cologne 1st March 1919 - see British Pathé video.
Commemorative Cover
The RE badge represents the fact that the RE were responsible for Forces Mail.
Stamps: 1s Royal Air Force 1918-1968, commemorative, issued 29 May 1969.
Cachet: Echt Geflogen Eingang in Köln 1 Mar 69.
Border: Solid line in red.
Special Handstamp: 50th Anniversary First Scheduled Airmail Service Germany-United Kingdom BFPS 1077, Köln's coat of arms shown to the left.

Note: Special Handstamp Error. SHS BFPS 1077, instead of 1076, has been used to cancel the stamp. The cover has also been given the wrong cachet "Flown Cover Received Folkestone 1 MAR 69" instead of "Echt Geflogen Eingang in Köln 1 Mar 69".